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Frequently asked questions about our linestanding services:

  • Q: What is linestanding?
  • A: Our premier concierge service where standers wait at a designation of your choosing until they are able to rendezvous with you, the attendee.
  • Q: How do I place an order?
  • A: You may reserve a linestander on this website or by calling us. Order online anytime or call (202) 783-3600 M-F 7am>7pm Eastern Standard Time. 
  • Q: Do you confirm my order?
  • A: Yes, reservation confirmations are supplied via email for online orders and confirmed in real-time if the request is placed over the phone.
  • Q: How do I arrange to meet my stander?
  • A: We take the guess work out of this process by creating a sign with a name of your choosing so that you can easily identify your stander in line. We also request cellphone numbers for attendees to further simplify the rendezvous.
  • Q: If I need to reschedule, cancel or change my order?
  • A: You may cancel or change a reservation at anytime by calling (202) 783-3600.
  • Do I need an account for services? How much do you charge?
  • A: By registering on our website you are allowed access to our 'Upcoming Hearings' page where committee hearing information is posted daily. You may; however, reserve a linestander without registering by using our secure reservations page. Want to know more about our line-standing or other services? Email our sales department.
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